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October Fun at our parent company, OneSource Amusements!

OSA CureCancer has started initiatives within our parent company, OneSource Amusements, to show support and increase awareness towards breast cancer during the month of October! Below you can find a newsletter that was sent out to all of their employees. Onesource has made an effort to promote community within their work environment and have some friendly competition. Each Wednesday out of this month, along with the last Monday of October, OneSource is hosting competitions with different themes. This was done so everyone could find one or more weeks in which they'd like to participate. At the end of the month, we will be sharing with you who won their surprise prize and how many points they were able to collect throughout the month!

We are excited to continue showing you everything our parent company will be doing this Pink October! Make sure to keep up with them on their social media platforms for any updates.

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